Welcome to the Maine Prosperity Project. We are a resource for employers, employees and retirees here to keep you informed about what is taking place in the Maine State Legislature and Statehouse, as well as what our federal delegation is up to in Washington.

We are a pro-growth, pro-job organization of a network of more than 5,000 businesses in partnership with the Maine State Chamber of Commerce, ready to engage you in the legislative process. We will keep you informed about proposed laws that will make Maine a better place to work and live, and proposed laws that threaten to harm our business climate and potential for job growth.

Every day, our elected leaders in Augusta and Washington make decisions impacting the ability of Maine’s companies to survive and compete.  This directly affects you -- your job, your wages, your family -- and your future. We give you the tools to communicate with elected officials about the issues that affect you – and track their voting records after each vote.

We believe that when Maine voters are informed and engaged in government and elections – our economy, our workers, our families and our state benefit.

The Maine Prosperity Project is a non-partisan issue education and election service. The Prosperity Project does not endorse candidates. It does not tell you how to vote.


At Election Time: Employers and voters receive no-cost Election Toolkits with easy-to-use election posters, email messaging, and other useful tools that help you:

  • Register to vote.
  • Learn about the Candidates & Issues at www.maineprosperity.org.  Find out who’s running in your district for statewide races, Congress and State Legislature. Learn how these candidates say they stand on issues that affect Oklahoma’s business climate and jobs.  Pros and cons on every state question are also provided.
  • Vote on Election Day – Go to the polls confident in your decisions.

During the Legislative Session:  Use the Prosperity Project to:

  • Receive updates on critical jobs issues pending at the Capitol – Simple briefings explain timely bills that impact job security, economic competitiveness, wages and benefits in easy, nonpartisan language.
  • Contact policy makers about your issues.
  • Track your legislators’ votes so you can hold them accountable.

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